Perfect Protection India Pvt. Ltd. Is an Expert in Providing Security Personnel and Bouncer Services at Affordable Rates

A bodyguard is a trained officer adept in handling close combat situations with or without the use of weapons. They are extremely alert at all times and are always on the lookout for imminent threats to their clients that can consist of kidnapping, assassination attempts, harassments and other criminal activities.

Perfect Protection (India) Pvt. an Indian firm that associates itself with providing personal bodyguards in Pune and bouncers services in Pune to clients from all over India. They are a registered firm under the Companies Act of 1956 and have been serving the needs of their clients since 1988. They are headquartered in the city of Pune, Maharashtra.

They are one of the leading firms in all of Maharashtra that actively engages itself with the clients before taking responsibility for a deal. They carefully chalk out the requirements of their clients that allows them to custom design their services. They recently started providing bodyguard services in Bangalore as well. It is one among the many stepping stones that the firm plans on treading before they reach their goal of serving the entire nation.

The company has a reputation for being one of the most customer-centric organizations in the security sector. Their bodyguard services in Mumbai are mostly provided to the VIPs and industrialists.Before recruitment, the firm disciplines the recruits and trains them under their wing for a period of minimum six months. The training consists of hand-to-hand combat situations followed by efficient use of melee weapons. The final stage of the training concludes with the professional training of semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

The company also goes the extra mile and prepares their bodyguards to tackle situations like emergency driving, FIRST AID, threat analysis and security assessment.