Administrative :- Administrative Services now receive the same importance as security services being provided on contract basis. Most of the customers have realized that the contract security and administrative service save management many headaches which hitherto prove time consuming and are unproductive work. Management has to tolerate unwanted persons since fighting in courts mostly proves futile and these personnel spoil the atmosphere in the offices.

Administrative services provided by us therefore are to facilitate our clients working and save them from the numerous problems created by their staff such as, unionism, labour / civil court nuisance, degeneration of efficiency, unwanted staff becoming permanent, etc. Administrative staff such as office boys drivers, safaiwalas receptionists, clerk's storekeepers, computer operator's teachers marketing engineers etc. can be employed through us.

The selection and fixing of salary of staff will be decided by the clients. Even the removal of unsatisfactory workers is prerogative of the client and any such employee can be removed by giving one month notice. The contract personnel give the advantage of reduced financial burdens, removing personnel when projects at hand are over and keeping of only nuclear staff. This also benefits by the way of reduced salary bills, non payment of gratuity and pension companies can adopt the policy of hire and fire for that staff who is a non performer and trouble creators.